Oct 6, 2015
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Express your texts!

The Emography Project reveals the emotion in your text messages

IDEAS texts, messages, messaging, emotions, feeling, typography
TITLE The Emography Project
SUMMARY It’s always hard to have your short messages read the right way. So, MTV mobile created a free messaging service to express what you really feel when you write a text. Based on the 8 basic human emotions, they created a new typography = the emography. Whether you’re happy, sad or angry, there’s a font that matches your feeling. Select your emography, type your text and send your message as a video. Find the perfect tone for your words and add a little emotion to your short messages!
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Perfect combination between a website and an automotive brand to create branded content

Online test for some features of the vehicles

IDEAS native advertising, digital, wetransfer, automotive
TITLE WeDefender
BRAND Land Rover
SUMMARY Land Rover & Wetransfer have partnered to offer Wetransfer users a native advertising: WeDefender (the encounter between one of the most practical tools to transfer heavy files online and Land Rover Defender, the vehicle to do just the same, but in real life). Wunderman has adapted wetransfer interface so that, when landing on WeDefender, the users could upload and transfer their heavy files as if they were virtually transferred by land Rover Defender. They also had the possibility to interact with WeDefender to discover the vehicle’s main load features, book an appointment and a test with a car dealer and share their experience on social networks
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Musical Business Cards

Music that reminds you the best store.

IDEAS direct marketing, business cards, music,
TITLE Musical Visiting Card
BRAND Muzzone
SUMMARY MuzZone is a Russian musical instrument store. To promote it with a minimum budget, the agency came up with the idea of using one of the easiest memory aids to get contact details: the business card but adapted to the music industry, in creating a musical business card. The cards were covered with special marks providing a certain consequence of notes. By following simple instructions you can play a melody. Musical business cards were distributed among the shop's visitors and musicians. The cards were also used as a self-sufficient promo tool and were distributed at Cover King, the city's major musical event, which took place in one of the key rock bars.
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Spectacular outdoor installation

Flashback into the Berlin Wall's History

IDEAS Outdoor, landmarks, projection
TITLE Flashback: Discover Berlin's Hidden History
BRAND Berlin Tourismus & Kongress GmbH
SUMMARY 25 years after its fall, the Berlin Wall has become one of the most visited landmarks in Europe, but a lot of tourists don’t know its history. To raise awareness and to attract visitors in Berlin City Museum, the tourism and Congress office and its agency, BBDO Berlin, have turned the remaining sections of the Wall into spectacular installations to create a flashback into the city history. How it works. Pictures and historical images were projected on the sections of wall but were not visible with eyes, only through the flash of cameras. Therefore, the tourists photographing themselves in front of it were discovering themselves integrated into the history of the wall, as if they were time-travelling.
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PSA Stunt for road safety

Interactive cinema ad

IDEAS Cinema, movie theater, csr, Volkswagen, road safety, texting while driving, stunt, effective, effie
TITLE Eyes on the Road
BRAND Volkswagen
SUMMARY Mobile use is a leading cause of deaths behind the wheel. That is the topic of one of the latest CSR cinema campaigns from Volkswagen in Hong Kong, to highlight the danger of texting while driving. The ad was broadcast in the movie theater, and started with a someones perspective of driving a car on a empty road. Then the theater used a location-based broadcaster to send texts to the public in the movie theater whereas the movie continued to play. When the audience members were checking their phones, the car crashed literally on screen. It was followed by a message raising the importance of keeping the eyes on the road. The interactive operation was successful not only in the movie theater, but also got recognition from the general public with the webfilm and from the professionals with awards won at Spikes or Effie China
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Time Out to know what’s happening in Hong Kong through a digital communication

Switch the ad banners for a useful information

IDEAS digital, banners, entertainment, Hong Kong, media, pop-up blockers, ad-blockers
TITLE Banner Swap (Film)
SUMMARY Ad blockers or pop-up blockers not only threaten the survival of a lot of websites, but also challenge creative advertising. Time Out’s mission is to help its readers to make the most of their "time out". In a busy and hyper-connected city like Hong Kong, do people still have the time to look at magazines? To stand out from the crowd and reach people when they’re still looking at their favorite websites, Cheil has used the pop-up blocker technology to replace the annoying banners with restaurants reviews, events, and things to do in Hong Kong. The banners linked to Time Out, increasing the audience of the website and raising, during the same period the interest in the hard copy of the magazine.
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Communicating before the movie starts

Plan Belgium hijacks parental advisory notices

IDEAS movie trailer, PSA, girls, non-profit, charity, pre-roll, hijack
TITLE Little Girls Hijack Age Warning During Prime Time
SUMMARY The International Day of the Girl Child last week reminded us of one of the threats faced by girls around the world: forced marriage. In fact, 27 girls are forced into marriage every minute; that’s 2 every second. Child marriage is a global problem. It violates girls' human rights, curtails their education, harms their health and sharply constrains their future. By hijacking the age suitability warnings screened before 12+ movie trailers on TV, in movie theaters and even with pre-roll videos on the Internet, Duval Guillaume and Plan Belgium obliged viewers to confront the practice of child marriage. In these touching movies, 3 separate girls tell an emotional story and paint a true picture of this tradition at a moment when the audience is more receptive.
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“There is nothing wrong with your television set. Do not attempt to adjust the picture.”

When the TV screen becomes the activation point

IDEAS television, tv, red, news
BRAND Observator
AGENCY Geometry
SUMMARY Geometry Romania has probably remembered the introduction of the old TV show series “The Outer Limits”. There’s a critical need of blood donors in the country which is not solved by a usual media appeal. Therefore in May 2014, the popular TV news OBSERVATOR was been transformed to show the critical lack of blood. The red component of the usual RGV screen and picture has been removed for each viewer spreading the word of life without red blood. The coverage and result were impressive with a reach of 14 millions Romanians and a increase of blood donation by 80%.
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From the black sheep of the luxury cars to the most awaited ones

A PR operation revealing a product, step by step

IDEAS design, social media, teaser, reveal, PR
TITLE The Unbranded Launch
SUMMARY Volvo brand identity refers to safety and security. Just because it’s a functionality it doesn't prevent lots of excitement and anticipation. The brand and its agency Jung von Matt have decided to get rid of all the clichés that people could have of Volvo for the launch of the new Coupe Concept. First step was to release a single picture of the new car, but without any branding to raise the curiosity. Next step, a film was released showing Volvo’s Chief Designer announcing changes and teasing the audience with 3 new frames. It finally turned into a big cheering for Volvo with a huge amount of earned media reach
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Edible advertising for Mr. Kipling

A poster made out-of cakes

IDEAS billboard, event, food, London
TITLE Mr. Kipling Edible Billboard
BRAND Mr. Kipling
SUMMARY For more than half a century Mr. Kipling has been one of the famous traditional cake makers in the UK. JWT London is responsible for the brand-relaunch with a global tagline: Life is Better with Cake. The idea is to reminds Britons that cake brings delight to every occasion. Thus, Mr. Kipling, the agency and the food artist Michelle Kibowo have set up a pop-up edible billboard in London. More than 13.000 cakes have been used to create it. Hostesses have animated the location and finally distributed the creation, piece by piece, to the passers-by.
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Avatarized fashion show

When a real event meets the digital world

IDEAS fashion, spring/summer, models, avatars, gaming, videogames, events
TITLE Fashion Show during the Fashion Week in Stockholm
BRAND Björn Borg
AGENCY Garbergs
SUMMARY Gaming and digital have a great impact on daily life. Björn Borg have developed its activities not only around underwear but to a sporty fashion in general. Its next generation of products will be represented by a videogame. The launch is planned for next January. To continue with its innovative marketing strategy in building a strong brand to drive sales, Björn Borg has used its traditional fashion show to tease the audience with the future videogame. During Stockholm Fashion week, Björn Borg Spring/Summer 2015 show and collection has been inspired by the digital world with models looking like avatars and the set-up looking like and inspired by the upcoming game
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"Tweet to taste one of my new flavors"

Digital interactive billboards/vending machines

IDEAS digital billboard, twitter, social media, interactive billboard, vending machine, interactive vending machine, snacks
TITLE Twitter Vending Machine
BRAND Walkers
SUMMARY Walkers Snacks has built its communication up on new levels. Interacting with the consumers through their famous ambassador Gary Lineker, to make people and specifically passers-by taste Walkers' new flavor, The three tweet-vending-machines were set up in bus shelters. Gary Lineker seemingly sits inside the digital poster interacting with the passers-by, and encouraging them to tweet to the account @Walkers_busstop. For each tweet received, Gary Lineker dispenses a free packet of crisps promoting one of the new 6 voted flavours from the first step of the campaign
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Multi-screen synchronized campaign

The ad break you can’t miss

IDEAS Smoothies, food, gamification, tv commercial, synchronized, mobile app., ad break
TITLE Fruit Match
BRAND McDonald's
AGENCY DDB Stockholm
SUMMARY McDonald’s and its agency DDB Sweden have created the first TV campaign interacting with a second screen. Fruit match is a mobile app. and a game that is connected to TV ads. First commercial of a break offers people to compete to win and iced smoothie with Fruit Match. Next ad make you bet on fruit and the last one for the break reveals the winning fruit. If it matches with your choice, you win a free smoothie. In synchronizing the app. with the TV timetable and schedule it helps people to know where they could play. The results have been beyond expectations in terms of sales and consumption of the new product
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Virtual Drive

Customized digital experience

IDEAS digital, web, automotive, car, drive test
TITLE The Detour
BRAND Nissan
AGENCY Critical Mass
SUMMARY People spend a lot of time online before buying a car, looking for the best options, comparing and checking information. But nothing can be compared to a real test-drive. To introduce the new Nissan Rogue compact, the agency Critical Mass has used Google Maps and Street View technology to create a new digital cinematic experience. The Detour website enables you to make your daily commute in a new original way driving and even flying with the Nissan Rogue creating interest, awareness and engagement for real test drives and for the crossover
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Collectible Item : the Bottle Cap

A new solution to help Land Rover drivers facing hostile environments

IDEAS caps, automotive, collectible, hot temperatures
TITLE Bottle Cap
BRAND Land Rover
AGENCY Y&R Cape Town
SUMMARY After the edible desert survival guide, the personal extinction prevention book and the road-map calendar, Land Rover is back with a useful item for the drivers who face extreme temperatures: the bottle cap. Not only protection from the sun, but also a filter with a top which enables you to drink water directly from the source. Land Rover Bottle Cap is the must have accessory for all adventurers
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Original use of social media

Posthumous Tweets

IDEAS twitter, fundraising, ALS, death, diseases, donation
TITLE Dead Man Tweeting
BRAND ALS Foundation Netherlands
SUMMARY This campaign is a follow-up to a project initiated three years ago by the ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) Foundation and Publicis Amsterdam. The dramatic campaign filmed victims of the incurable disease and aired their requests for donations only after they had passed away. This time, ALS sufferer Gerrit Groeneveld started a Twitter account after his death. When anybody uses the hashtag #DareToAsk (a common way of requesting help or asking questions via Twitter) Gerrit calls for donations – even though he is no longer alive. The combination of messages across several media has boosted the funding of research into the fight against ALS.
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Fresh News Bottle! A new media

Special packaging edition

IDEAS water bottles, newspaper, media, packaging, readership
TITLE News Bottle!
BRAND Mainichi
AGENCY Dentsu Inc.
SUMMARY Newspaper readership is declining dramatically among young adults in Japan, so this campaign set out to engage younger readers with the Mainichi Newspaper. It was based on the insight that while newspapers are beginning to seem obsolete to the digital generation, mineral water is still considered an essential part of their daily lives. So the newspaper published an article every day on the mineral water bottle itself. To keep the news fresh, augmented reality enabled young readers to access more stories via their smartphones. To reduce the cost of the exercise, part of the bottle was sold to other advertisers.
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Transform a daytime beer into a night time beer

When a campaign reaches for the moon

IDEAS Outdoor, installation, beer, alcoholic beverages
TITLE Luna Corona
BRAND Corona Extra
SUMMARY Corona Extra is known for quenching thirsts during the day, but its agency Cramer-Kasselt wanted to show that it is also the perfect nighttime drink. So it staged an awesome billboard event in downtown Manhattan. The agency teamed up with astronomers to line up a giant image of a Corona Extra bottle with the crescent moon. When everything fell into place, the moon dropped into the beer bottle as if it was a slice of lime. The installation and associated merchandising combined to transform the event in to a successful campaign, growing sales of the beer in New York.
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FIFA 14 TV Launch in Colombia

FIFA 14 video game: virtually real football

IDEAS Television, football, soccer, video games, replay
BRAND Microsoft Xbox
SUMMARY To announce that the FIFA 14 video game now includes the Colombian football league, Y&R Bogota and Microsoft Xbox hijacked the most important match in the Colombian soccer calendar. While the match was being aired, expert gamers recreated it in real time on the Xbox. When the viewers least expected it – such as for an instant replay of a goal – the live game on their screens was switched for its video game double. An accompanying caption promoted FIFA 14 and its new features. It was probably the first soccer match where the game was not only played on the pitch, but also behind the scenes.
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A coffee to share

Nescafé surprises the « Metro » readers by offering them a moment to share.

IDEAS Coffee, newspaper, mugs, cups, share, morning
TITLE Pop-Up Café
BRAND Nescafé
SUMMARY The Parisian way of life. Every morning you take the subway and you read your free newspaper. All alone, in your “private bubble”. In order to break this solo habit, Nescafé introduced 2 foldable mugs in the “Metro” newspaper to encourage its readers share a moment around a cup of coffee and engage in a conversation with a colleague.
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