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Nov 28, 2015
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Multi-screen synchronized campaign

The ad break you can’t miss

IDEAS Smoothies, food, gamification, tv commercial, synchronized, mobile app., ad break
TITLE Fruit Match
BRAND McDonald's
AGENCY DDB Stockholm
SUMMARY McDonald’s and its agency DDB Sweden have created the first TV campaign interacting with a second screen. Fruit match is a mobile app. and a game that is connected to TV ads. First commercial of a break offers people to compete to win and iced smoothie with Fruit Match. Next ad make you bet on fruit and the last one for the break reveals the winning fruit. If it matches with your choice, you win a free smoothie. In synchronizing the app. with the TV timetable and schedule it helps people to know where they could play. The results have been beyond expectations in terms of sales and consumption of the new product
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Virtual Drive

Customized digital experience

IDEAS digital, web, automotive, car, drive test
TITLE The Detour
BRAND Nissan
AGENCY Critical Mass
SUMMARY People spend a lot of time online before buying a car, looking for the best options, comparing and checking information. But nothing can be compared to a real test-drive. To introduce the new Nissan Rogue compact, the agency Critical Mass has used Google Maps and Street View technology to create a new digital cinematic experience. The Detour website enables you to make your daily commute in a new original way driving and even flying with the Nissan Rogue creating interest, awareness and engagement for real test drives and for the crossover
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Collectible Item : the Bottle Cap

A new solution to help Land Rover drivers facing hostile environments

IDEAS caps, automotive, collectible, hot temperatures
TITLE Bottle Cap
BRAND Land Rover
AGENCY Y&R Cape Town
SUMMARY After the edible desert survival guide, the personal extinction prevention book and the road-map calendar, Land Rover is back with a useful item for the drivers who face extreme temperatures: the bottle cap. Not only protection from the sun, but also a filter with a top which enables you to drink water directly from the source. Land Rover Bottle Cap is the must have accessory for all adventurers
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Original use of social media

Posthumous Tweets

IDEAS twitter, fundraising, ALS, death, diseases, donation
TITLE Dead Man Tweeting
BRAND ALS Foundation Netherlands
SUMMARY This campaign is a follow-up to a project initiated three years ago by the ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) Foundation and Publicis Amsterdam. The dramatic campaign filmed victims of the incurable disease and aired their requests for donations only after they had passed away. This time, ALS sufferer Gerrit Groeneveld started a Twitter account after his death. When anybody uses the hashtag #DareToAsk (a common way of requesting help or asking questions via Twitter) Gerrit calls for donations – even though he is no longer alive. The combination of messages across several media has boosted the funding of research into the fight against ALS.
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Fresh News Bottle! A new media

Special packaging edition

IDEAS water bottles, newspaper, media, packaging, readership
TITLE News Bottle!
BRAND Mainichi
AGENCY Dentsu Inc.
SUMMARY Newspaper readership is declining dramatically among young adults in Japan, so this campaign set out to engage younger readers with the Mainichi Newspaper. It was based on the insight that while newspapers are beginning to seem obsolete to the digital generation, mineral water is still considered an essential part of their daily lives. So the newspaper published an article every day on the mineral water bottle itself. To keep the news fresh, augmented reality enabled young readers to access more stories via their smartphones. To reduce the cost of the exercise, part of the bottle was sold to other advertisers.
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Transform a daytime beer into a night time beer

When a campaign reaches for the moon

IDEAS Outdoor, installation, beer, alcoholic beverages
TITLE Luna Corona
BRAND Corona Extra
SUMMARY Corona Extra is known for quenching thirsts during the day, but its agency Cramer-Kasselt wanted to show that it is also the perfect nighttime drink. So it staged an awesome billboard event in downtown Manhattan. The agency teamed up with astronomers to line up a giant image of a Corona Extra bottle with the crescent moon. When everything fell into place, the moon dropped into the beer bottle as if it was a slice of lime. The installation and associated merchandising combined to transform the event in to a successful campaign, growing sales of the beer in New York.
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FIFA 14 TV Launch in Colombia

FIFA 14 video game: virtually real football

IDEAS Television, football, soccer, video games, replay
BRAND Microsoft Xbox
SUMMARY To announce that the FIFA 14 video game now includes the Colombian football league, Y&R Bogota and Microsoft Xbox hijacked the most important match in the Colombian soccer calendar. While the match was being aired, expert gamers recreated it in real time on the Xbox. When the viewers least expected it – such as for an instant replay of a goal – the live game on their screens was switched for its video game double. An accompanying caption promoted FIFA 14 and its new features. It was probably the first soccer match where the game was not only played on the pitch, but also behind the scenes.
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A coffee to share

Nescafé surprises the « Metro » readers by offering them a moment to share.

IDEAS Coffee, newspaper, mugs, cups, share, morning
TITLE Pop-Up Café
BRAND Nescafé
SUMMARY The Parisian way of life. Every morning you take the subway and you read your free newspaper. All alone, in your “private bubble”. In order to break this solo habit, Nescafé introduced 2 foldable mugs in the “Metro” newspaper to encourage its readers share a moment around a cup of coffee and engage in a conversation with a colleague.
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IKEA communicates in 3 steps

An RGB Billboard

IDEAS Outdoor, innovation, billboard, furniture, furnishings
AGENCY thjnk
SUMMARY IKEA has once again found an inventive way to promote its small space storage solutions with a special billboard. Thanks to specific red, green and blue lights the message has been multiplied 3 time on the same surface. This demonstration in terms of communication reinforces for the general public the capacity of IKEA to continuously innovate and helps the brand to remain a social phenomenon
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Nivea, the friend of your summer on the beach

A useful magazine ad associated with an App.

IDEAS mobile app. csr, beach, holidays, children, kids, magazine ad
TITLE Protection Ad
SUMMARY FCB in Brasil have once again innovated for its clients Beiersdorf and Nivea Kids to help you to spend a safe summer on the beach. They created a special press ad from which you can cut a waterproof bracelet to help you not to lose your kids playing on the beach. The downloadable app, helps you to determine the distance away from you. Alerting you to keep an eye on your children. Nivea doesn’t protect you only from sun, but it helps you to relax on the beach. This campaign has received several awards in Cannes this year, including a Grand Prix in Mobile
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Second-live Caps

Coca-Cola gives your empty bottles a second life

IDEAS recycling, CSR, soft drinks, recycle, bottles, re-use
TITLE 2nd Lives
BRAND Coca-Cola
SUMMARY Coca-Cola Recycling is one of the responsible initiatives launched to create “positive changes” in the communities. Ogilvy & Mather China has offered a playful way of re-using the Coca-Cola Bottles in creating a set of special caps. These caps were offered in buying the soft drinks and gave kids the opportunity to transform their empty Coke bottles into water guns, paintbrushes and for adults into pencil sharpener or sprays… Launched with success in Viet-Nam, the campaign is set to be launched around Asia.
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Smoking Outdoor

A stunt that becomes a huge outdoor viral

IDEAS stunt, billboard, food, demo
TITLE Burning Billboard
BRAND Sealord
SUMMARY The seafood brand Sealord promoted its smoked salmon with an original stunt: a billboard has been turned into a big-size demo of their production process. The two champions of the company Joe and Gav literally burnt logs to smoke salmon on a giant billboard to show how their smoked salmon is traditionally handmade by Sealord. The operation has been filmed and then broadcast to promote Sealord brand around New Zealand.
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SI-OTREN INOTORMOP (In-store promotion)

CSR operation for the Happy Meal

IDEAS Fast-food, restaurants, in-store, posters, csr
TITLE Literacy Store
BRAND McDonald's
SUMMARY The Illiteracy rate in the USA hasn't changed for 10 years, and most people don't appreciate how difficult the most basic daily task are when you can not read. McDonald's wanted to raise awareness of this and develop the joy of reading. In November last year, in Chicago, it redesigned all the in-store communication so that the texts were completely unreadable and not understandable, from posters to menus through to the toilets names. The surprising reactions of the clients was then explained with a tagline making the relationship with the new Happy Meal gift: a book for kids to create the joy of reading
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Light Adaptive Communication

Changing Posters to promote changing glasses.

IDEAS Opticians, glasses, light, posters, outdoor
TITLE Light Adaptive Poster
BRAND Optic Square
SUMMARY Optic Square is a Thai Opticians chain which has requested the support of BBDO & Proximity to promote its new Light Adaptive Lenses range. It’s always difficult to stand out in this classical area of communication, thus the agency has created a traditional posters with real demos of the product. Placed in glass elevators, the posters show portraits of people wearing glasses whose lenses become darker from sun by a simple effect of transparency.
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Creative Technology with vending machine

Show your soccer style and be rewarded

IDEAS vending machine, soft drinks, soccer, football, ambush marketing
TITLE #FutbolNow Skills Challenge
AGENCY Rooster
SUMMARY A few weeks before the start of the World Cup, Pepsi uses its “superstar 2014 football squad” – including Leo Messi, Sergio Ramos or Robin van Persie - to challenge fans all around the world with a limited-edition vending machine. To get their cans for free, people have to juggle a virtual soccer ball in front of an innovative machine equipped with an interactive screen powered by XBOX Kinect motion-sensor gaming technology. This special vending machine campaign is an example of creative technology invented by Rooster and Float agencies. It will travel to different countries and will serve the ambush marketing strategy of Pepsi during this big football year.
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Radio Live Car Accident

Radio stunt to impact listeners

IDEAS radio ads, hijacking, media innovation, stunt, radio stunt
TITLE Live Car Accident
SUMMARY Whether it’s texting, taking a phone call, or sending emails, cell phone use is associated with higher rates of dangerous driving and fatal car crashes. In Germany, the use of a mobile phone is forbidden if the vehicle is moving, but still around 10% of all car accidents are linked to the use of mobile phones. The German Road Safety Authority (DVR) with agency Jung von Matt helped with this radio stunt. During a regular radio program an actor posing has a driver using his mobile phone, called in to the show while on air. The listeners experienced a live car crash: a real demo showing that making phone calls while driving can kill. The impact of this outside the box radio commercial was impacting
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An online campaign that hijacks others

Mömax gets rid of the annoying online banners

IDEAS digital, online, furniture stores
TITLE Banner Curtain
BRAND Moemax Furniture Store
SUMMARY Mömax the Austrian & German Furniture retail chain wanted to promote its new online store through an online traditional campaign. The target group was not easily reachable with banner ads, so the agency created a special ad-blocker that would instead promote Mömax. The newly created “Bannercurtain” app was created and spread via email and social networks. Once set up, it would hide the banners on each site with different Mömax curtains with a a link to Mömax online store
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Coca-Cola new machine: Happiness Arcade (Recycling and Entertaining)

How to combine happiness and pleasure with a global issue?

IDEAS experiential, recycling, CSR, soft drinks, pleasure, incentive
TITLE Happiness Arcade
BRAND Coca-Cola
SUMMARY Dhaka is one of the most polluted capital in the world. Coca-Cola has decided to unite its sustainable engagement with its happiness theory in creating a special recycling machine: an arcade machine that runs on empty Coca-Cola bottles. Placed in different locations around the city, you play a "special" Pong game with a friend for a single empty bottle of Coke. since the installation Coca-Cola has collected thousands of plastic bottles. Every little helps
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Don’t be too metrosexual

An Experiment in men’s clothing stores.

IDEAS ambient, experiential, personal hygiene, men, changing rooms
TITLE Changing Room
BRAND Head & Shoulders
SUMMARY Men can now take care of their appearance in a very short time, with Head & Shoulders. That’s the simple message of an ambient campaign made by Saatchi & Saatchi Poland in March. Special changing rooms were set up in men clothing stores. The system activates when a man spends too much time in the changing room. Thus, the set up and message becomes more feminine. A digital screen enables him to stop the experience and get an Head & Shoulders total care shampoo as gift.
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Responsible concept & product development

Rebirth after reading

IDEAS product development, environmental-friendly, ink cartridge, save paper, save trees
TITLE The Disappearing Ink
BRAND Friends Of The Earth
AGENCY Cheil China
SUMMARY Every day, countless documents are printed and thrown out once read. To reduce the waste of paper, you can use double-sided printing or even reduce the font. But can we give paper a second life? Of course, with recycling. Cheil China has gone even further for the association Friends of the Earth in creating a practical solution: the disappearing ink. The formula has been elaborated to fade gradually after 2 or 3 days. Thus, instead of shredding or wasting the papers, office workers are able to re-use the same paper in the printer. It’s an easy to set up with a new printer and a special fading ink cartridge.
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