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Nov 29, 2015
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Offer a personal chocolate for Easter

Say something special with Cadbury

IDEAS direct marketing, chocolate, pop-up store, share
TITLE Say it with Chocolate
BRAND Cadbury
SUMMARY Cadbury has gone further with its activation philosophy of JOY in Malaysia with “Say It with Chocolate”. They have invented a chocolate printing press which enables people to share a message with a friend or a family member in a customized chocolate bar. Clients could write a note that was printed on the chocolate bar. This was developed in supermarkets and pop-up stores, enabling clients to print messages on demand and of course spread the joy of Cadbury
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Would you dare to exchange your car with a vehicle you didn't know?

Porsche proves the power of its brand with a special contest

IDEAS gaming, luxury cars, online
TITLE Porsche Blind Trade
BRAND Porsche
SUMMARY March was the month for an online game from Porsche and its agency Achtung! Dutch people were offered to trade in their current car for a new Porsche without knowing the model. More than 10.000 people registered their cars, which had to be from 2007 or younger on the site: The diversity and models offered on the site were so impressive that the total value of the cars exceeded 84€ million. The sooner you registered, the more chance you had of winning this famous unknown Porsche. A feature of the prize was revealed every two days. The winner received a Porsche Macan S
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Education keeps children away from poverty

Objects created for a campaign become collectibles

IDEAS CSR, charity, retail
TITLE Bookends
BRAND Kinokuniya
SUMMARY Today, nearly 100 million children around the world don’t go to school. Kinokuniya is a big bookstores chain present in several countries with more than 80 stores worldwide. Education is the only way for some children to avoid a life of poverty and hardship. Specialized bookends were created - one representing the child and one the dangers related to poverty such as child labour and human trafficking. This became the centerpiece of a bookstore fundraising event. Each time a book was bought, a copy was placed on a shelve between the bookends symbolizing the education keeping children apart from dangers of poverty. The campaign was relayed in newspaper and online banners contributing to raise money and to spread the message about the power of education for children
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Base innovates in TV with Duval Guillaume

Watching TV or a streaming TV show?

IDEAS television, tv, media innovation, tv shows, telecom, wireless network
TITLE Jamming Prime Time TV Shows
SUMMARY You’re sitting on your couch, watching TV and suddenly it freezes, like if the video was loading on Youtube. That’s what Belgians have experienced during the last week of February at the beginning and at the end of their favorite TV Shows in prime time. It was concluded with the following message: “You’re not used to waiting at home. So why wait when you’re on the move.” In a world where people consume TV and videos more and more on their computers or their smartphones and in a very competitive situation for 4G networks access , Duval Guillaume Modem, has found a smart way that stands out from the crowd for BASE with this non-traditional use of TV as media.
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A bright idea…

…That lights up your magazine!

IDEAS bike, light, interactive ad, magazine, social media, facebook, bike light, bight lamp
TITLE The Brightest Online Ad
BRAND Lupine
AGENCY Publicis
SUMMARY In order to promote their brand new lighting systems, the “Betty” (the brightest bike light in the world with 3,600 lumens), Lupine introduced an interactive bike lamp inside the online version of BIKE magazine. Indeed, after the first few pages, something was different: the rest of the magazine was dimmed. The readers had to go back to the Lupine ad and switch on the light on the page in order to be able to read the rest of the magazine. Sharing the idea on Facebook, every post provided a link to a free sneak preview of the BIKE magazine. This time, the Lupine Betty illuminated an excerpt of the magazine from which visitors could order a trial subscription. The action was a success although it had a zero media budget.
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Apotek Hjärtat blows life into a digital screen

An engaging and innovative idea that creates curiosity

IDEAS digital billboards, digital billboards, subway, hair care
TITLE Blowing in the Wind
BRAND Apotek Hjärtat
SUMMARY In a Stockholm subway commuters were introduced to Apotek Hjärtat new line of hair care products. The digital billboards on the platforms were animated in a surprising way. At the arrival of the trains, the hair of the models were suddenly blowing in the wind. The digital screens were equipped with ultra sonic sensors that enabled the activation of the short film.
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Innovation in bus shelters

Raise awareness about homelessness with an outdoor innovation

IDEAS outdoor, adshel, homeless, charity, fundraising, donation
TITLE Caritas Adshel Heater
BRAND Caritas
SUMMARY In reaction to the eviction of the homeless from Viennese City Park on the arrival of Winter, DDB Tribal & Caritas association have decided to raise awareness about this issue and raise funds to support. In bus shelters, they set up a new kind of ad, in replacing the light tubes to heating lamps. “Give Warmth”. Literally, the message explained to people that one euro given could turn the heater on and avoid them to bear the cold and at the same time, the money would support those most in need
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Lisbon affirms its identity with a creation on the essence of the city

A new typing font as its corporate identity

IDEAS typography, font, corporate identity, tourism, tourist
BRAND Lisbon City Council
SUMMARY The trams are part of Lisbon's landscape and have become an icon of the city. Their wires scratch the capital's blue sky. So the scheme was created with the wires in mind, and helped to create a new font called LX Type, which can be tested on a new website each letter representing a picture of the city. So from now on, Lisbon's tram is not only a way to visit the historical city on site, but has become a way to discover the Portuguese capital online
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Fusion between Real life and Internet

The newest model has become the feature of a live, online car chase showing off its handling ability and speed

IDEAS ad banner, cars, automotive, click rate, volkswagen
TITLE GTI BannerBahn
BRAND Volkswagen
SUMMARY An app enabled people to practice with the different models to try and catch the car, and the most popular Dutch websites advertised the live car chase with banners disguised as the racing track. The internet users had to click on the Golf each time it appeared on the screen. This operation created the biggest click rate and a real promotion for the new model
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A magazine creates a board game

Experience the effects of global warming with your kids

IDEAS game, branded content, csr, global warming, magazine, board game
TITLE Meltdown. The First Board Game that Melts
SUMMARY GEOlino is a German science magazine for children. They wanted their young readers to experience the effects of global warming. So they created with Kolle Rebbe a playful way to raise awareness among children about this crucial topic. The board game was replaced by a special ice-tray representing the Arctic and then put on a big sponge. The race against time started to save the polar bears from the melting. Thus, GEOlino and meltdown help parents and children to start the conversation with children about global warming
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Pill-Harmonic: a mix between music and health

Create a new touch point

IDEAS packaging, innovation, music, orchestra, culture
TITLE Japon pill-harmonic (Film)
BRAND Japan Philharmonic Orchestra
SUMMARY Japan Philharmonic Orchestra was suffering from a growing lack of interest in classical music. The orchestra with its agency I&S BBDO have been seeking a new idea that will make people understand why classical music should exist. Most of us have experienced how music can change the way we feel. Thus, I&S BBDO decided to prescribe classical music through different music pieces packaged like prescription drugs with colorful memory chips in small envelops for different “symptoms”. The Japan Pill-Harmonic treatment has become a new consumer touch point for classical music and a new way to attract people to classical music
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Launch of a new product though an original packaging and a new sales channel

Experiential marketing

IDEAS packaging, consumer electronics, sports, vending machine
TITLE The Bottled Player
SUMMARY Music and sport make a natural duo. True athletes and occasional sportsmen enjoy music when they're exercising. Up until now the only place you could not listen to music was while swimming. That is until Sony created the waterproof MP3 player. With the help of Draftfcb Auckland the new product was launched. The MP3 players were placed in bottled water and the bottles were been placed in vending machines in sports clubs, making the product easily accessible.
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Outdoor installation & mobile App.

Make people smile again…

IDEAS ambient, guerrilla, oral hygiene, statues, mobile apps.
TITLE Smiling Monuments
BRAND Blend-a-med
SUMMARY Surveys state that the Polish are not smiling. Blend-a-med, P&G toothpaste named Crest in several countries, and its agency Hypermediaisobar were at the origin of a surprising operation in Warsaw. 5 famous statues with fierce and grave characters that people are used to see in the streets have been slightly changed to offer a bright smile to the passers-by. An app. has also been created to spread out the smile into Poland and then promote the toothpaste
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Pop-up store to launch sneakers

Promotion and demonstration with Derrick Rose

IDEAS stunt, basket-ball, temporary, promotion
TITLE Jump With Derrick Rose in London
BRAND adidas
SUMMARY To reach the urban teenagers, adidas created an event in East London for the launch of its D. Rose 3.5 shoes. The Chicago Ball NBA star Derrick Rose was part of the temporary pop-up store, the opening was announced on social media. Shelves were filled with free sneakers and placed as high as a basketball rim. Customers had no more than 30 seconds to score by jumping to grab the pair of shoes.
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An innovative calendar

Usable/Drinkable leaves

IDEAS calendar, promotional items, promotional gifts, tea, hot drinks
TITLE H+L Teacalendar
BRAND Hälssen & Lyon
SUMMARY The calendar is one of the oldest promotional gifts. Hälssen & Lyon and Kolle Rebbe have created a fresh innovative calendar. Produced in a limited edition, each day pages are composed with different-flavor tea leaves and can be brewed directly in hot water. This top-of-the-range calendar was offered to business clients and partners
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Stunt operation in cinemas

Sony pranks the public

IDEAS movie theaters, mobile phones, stunts, interactive cinema commercial, soft drinks
TITLE Soda Call
SUMMARY Sony has profited from the “Skyfall” preview in Swedish movie theaters by promoting its new Xperia Acro S. model thanks to this stunt operation. Free drinks were offered to the spectators before they entered the cinema. An interactive commercial then explained the competition and made a hidden waterproof telephone buzz inside one of the free soda cups. The film was then broadcast on social media contributing to a significant increase in the awareness of the brand and its message.
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The Subway petition

Follow the campaign along the subway platform

IDEAS Billboards, story-telling, subway, platforms, petition, charities, charity
TITLE Let's Protect our Humanitarians
BRAND Action contre la Faim
SUMMARY Action against Hunger and TBWA Paris, reminds us the danger of being a humanitarian worker. In 2006 the association had to leave Sri Lanka after the murderer of one of its workers. You can follow the story along the different billboards, finally to be invited to support their action to protect the humanitarian workers by signing a petition on the last billboard. Because if you kill a humanitarian worker, you kill those in need
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Comparative operation

Advertise from your competitors failings

IDEAS mobile app., public transports, winter, discount, coupon
TITLE The Train Switch
BRAND Swebus
SUMMARY With the winter, trains are often delayed or cancelled due to the weather conditions. Swebus, which is Sweden’s most punctual public transport, has taken here the occasion to “steal” customers from the railroad company in creating the “SWEBUS TRAIN SWITCH”. If your train is late or even canceled, customers are rewarded with discounted bus rides. The discount coupon was created on the number of minutes the train was late and accessible through a web-app. But only one discount ticket was generated per delayed train obliging potential customers to scan it regularly
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A unique makeover experience

If Only for a second: Break in a life of cancer patients

IDEAS branded content, charity, event
TITLE If Only For A Second
BRAND Fondation Mimi
SUMMARY Mimi Foundation is convinced that cancer must be fought not only on the medical front but through the well-being and optimism of patients. They have to struggle with the physical suffering and the emotional stress even in the eyes of their relatives. Leo Burnett France who have supported the foundation for the past 4 years, have come up with the idea of offering the patients a break and a short moment of escape through a unique makeover experience. 20 patients have participated in a special photo shoot. The photos were taken at the exact moment they discovered their transformation, surprised, laughing, giggling or simply smiling. The pictures were first released in a private exhibition for the patients, and then, gathered in a book showing the transformed portraits, where you can also discover the story of each person. A very emotional and sensitive film presents the project and enables to share the action in a positive way
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Contextual advertising on TV

New media space used for a promotion

IDEAS Television, TV, tags, tv commercial, Saudi Arabia
TITLE Sale Intervention
SUMMARY In a country where there are no cinemas, movies are seen at home on TV. Thus, TV ad breaks are almost the only way for a brand to show a commercial. Resulting in ads having to fight with many competitors. Many TV networks already use the screen corner to make announcements, mainly for the next program. SABB (the HSBC Saudi Arabia) decided to use this place to show contextual advertising about low-rate loans with SALE Tags. A car loan is offered on the tag, just after a car crash (etc). Thanks to a close partnership with the TV station, JWT and Saudi Arabia have offered a contextual and relevant advertising message to the public.
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