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The Torch Awards Shines a Spotlight on the 2017 Nonprofit PartnerToday, I'm Brave
  Torch Awards, a unique creative competition for young creatives 18-27 years old, has partnered with Today, I’m Brave, a registered nonprofit, whose dynamic mission celebrates... Read More
  • Paul Rand is known as one of the most iconic graphic designers in American history, but his contributions are even greater than that. He elevated...
    Matthew Hallock
    by Matthew Hallock on  3 January 2017
  • Planning to get fit, pick up a new skill or kick a bad habit in 2016? There may be an app for that.
    Mark Tungate
    by Mark Tungate on  3 January 2017
  • Times have been tough in 2016, but the advertising world has been looking for innovative ways of helping those in need.
    Mark Tungate
    by Mark Tungate on  1 December 2016
  • Il était un temps où une affiche n’était qu’une affiche. Mais la technologie a offert de nouvelles possibilités à ce vénérable média.
    Mark Tungate
    by Mark Tungate on  9 November 2016
  • What was different about this leg of the 2016 Adforum Worldwide Summit is that..
    on 25 October 2016

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