• Pitch elevated Rachel Spiegelman to president.
  • CP+B hired David Measer as group planning director in the Los Angeles office, where he will lead planning for the Microsoft Windows account.
  • Big Spaceship promoted Ranae Heuer to managing director, a new position at the agency.
  • RAPP promoted Zihla Salinas to chief marketing officer.
  • MDC Partners hired Raffi Grigorian, former chief operating officer of Omnicom’s Eventive Marketing, as managing director.
  • Cheil Worldwide appointed Leigh Dennis as global vice president brand experience & managing director of Mind Design Laboratory (MD Lab), a Munich-based design house.
  • Liz Musch has been named global CEO of Ipsos ASI.
  • Cory Berger joined Pereira & O’Dell as managing director of the New York Office.

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