Agency Profile Media Kit

FAQ about AdForum's Agency Profiles

Q. What's an "Agency Profile"?

A. An agency profile is the face of your advertising agency and contains the creative work, contact information, personnel, agency description and philosophy. The advertising agency has complete control over its contents and can make changes at any time.

Q. What's a "Premium and Enhanced Agency Profile"?

A. Agencies use a Premium Profile to accentuate their profiles with unlimited creative work, reels and case studies; as well as client testimonials, new business announcements, client rosters, core competencies and more. Agencies receive proof of ROI through monthly traffic statistics, quarterly performance reports, and confidential disclosure of frequent visitors. Premium Profiles enjoy higher visibility in search results and throughout the site. Enhanced Profiles are limited to 10 uploads of Creative and enjoys fewer promotional activities.

Q. Who uses

A. Marketers and agency search consultants use AdForum to research agencies. There is never a charge to use AdForum to search for agencies.

Q. Does having an agency profile matter?

A. The number one activity on is marketers searching for new agencies and ad campaigns. A profile featuring creative work gets 100x more traffic on AdForum than those that do not.

Q. Will prospective clients be contacting me directly from AdForum?

A. Clients can contact agencies via AdForum, however we do not require them to do so. They will often contact you directly or through a search consultant.

Q. How are agencies selected for Agency of the Week/Agency Showcase?

A. Agencies are offered high traffic promotions with a premium buy. Agencies who wish to receive additional exposure can purchase these popular sections.

Q. How do I get my agency's creative in the Ads of the Day?

A. Ads of the Day are editorial selections. By submitting creative work on a regular basis, you'll increase the likelihood of appearing in Ads of the Day.


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