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Worked As
  • 2013 Epica Awards Silver
  • 2011 Moscow International Advertising Festival (Red Apple) / MIAF Silver
  • 2011 The Golden Drum Awards Golden Drum
  • 2000 LIA Finalist
  • 2000 Epica Awards Entrant

Charley Stadler

Director at Strawberry Films


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Budapest, Hungary

Strawberry Films, our boutique company with a 17-year-long history, provides production services for commercials and feature films.

The driving force behind our work is to come up with tailor-made solutions for your creative requests by fully understanding your needs. To put your ideas into practice, we utilize our extensive local knowledge and our international experience. We offer all the benefits of a dynamic boutique company, including the minimization of production costs without sacrificing the quality you desire.

Our tightly-bonded team, a mixture of energetic in-house experts and freelancers, makes use of all its experience to find the perfect form for your vision. As for the foundations of Strawberry Films, they were laid down by Katalin Krammer in 1996. Katalin's resumé includes working for BRW, and serving as an agency producer for Saatchi and Saatchi Advertising all around Central Eastern Europe. Engagement has been our ruling principle from the get-go, and, fueled by our enthusiasm for films, our love for ever-changing Hungary, a great deal of responsiblity, and last not least, honesty, we assist you throughout the whole creative process. 

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