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  • 2012 Young Director Award 2nd Prize

Claas Ortmann



Claas swears he has never drunk any alcohol or experimented with drugs which is surprising given that A. he grew up in ‘a boring shit hole’ on the outskirts of Hamburg and B. that he is always the first one dancing on the table. As a young man, he harbored ambitions of becoming a comic book artist and a womanizer but he was swayed in at least one of those pursuits by the work of Jonze, Glazer and Gondry on MTV. These role models turned him onto movies and he fled for Munich and the famous HFF film school. He picked-up a Cannes Young Director’s Award on the way out and everything went from there. Claas’ sense of humour is right up our strasse and we’d love to help him in his quest to build a reel like his idol Tom Kuntz. In the mean time, we promise to keep him supplied with Nutella, Cheeseburgers and Ginger Beer in return for the secret to his indefatigable optimism. 



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