Gareth Davies

Managing Director at Havas London
United Kingdom


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Managing Director

London, United Kingdom

Our aim is simply to be recognised as the most creative company at reimagining brands through modern, innovative, culture shaping ideas. 

Reasons for working with us...

1) We've reimagined a safe sex brand as a love sex brand.
Our #TurnOffToTurnOn film for Durex was the most watched ad in the world for 3 weeks running with over 75 million views. We've doubled Durex's share to 16% and grown ROI to £1.68 per £1 spent.

2) We've reimagined a 100 year old whisky as a tech innovator.
We developed the first ever Space Glass for Ballantine's which has grown brand mentions by 75% and gained 14 million views online.

3) We've reimagined social status as social conscience.
We launched The Venture - a $1million Chivas Whisky fund for social entrepreneurs - across 18 countries. The campaign gained 15 million views and grew brand relevance to 58% and brand appeal to 50%.

4) We've reimagined an energy provider as a female S.T.E.M. industry pioneer.
Our Pretty Curious programme for EDF has resulted in their brand awareness tracking at 5% above target.

5) We've reimagined bouncing curls as male grooming.
VO5 has been a client of ours for over 15 years and in that time we've helped them 'Break the Mould', achieving £14.25 million in incremental sales from one campaign and an ROI of £1.75 to every £1 spent. 

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