Gregg Bailey

Director at Velocity Films
South Africa


Bailey started out as an art director at TBWA Hunt Lascaris but soon uncovered his deeper interest in film making. He enrolled at the New York Film Academy and in 2004 returned to South Africa to team up with internationally renowned director, Greg Gray, as his creative assistant; although, he believes the term ‘Whipping Boy’ to be more accurate.
While contributing to the making of multiple award-winning pieces during his mentorship, Bailey fine tuned his craft and swiftly set himself apart with his own sense of quirk and style.
“To everyone out there looking for an amazingly talented and passionate young director, I highly recommend Bailey: he has been trained by Greg Gray and it shows. He approaches the work with the same conceptual integrity and is as thorough as Greg Gray; spending weeks finding locations and not stopping right till the bitter end to make the job a success. What a pleasure it was to work with him.” – Donovan Bryan, ECD of Owen Kessel on the business day campaign. 




Cape Town, South Africa

Velocity is a South African-based commercial production company with offices in Johannesburg and Cape Town. Founded by the Producer and Director team, Barry Munchick and Keith Rose, it is now the biggest production company in South Africa. 

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