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  • 2003 American Advertising Awards, ADDY Gold ADDY
  • 2003 American Advertising Awards, ADDY Silver ADDY

Jeff Feuerzeig

Director at Green Dot Films
United States


Jeff Feuerzeig directed, wrote and created from scratch The Devil and Daniel Johnston (2006), which forever changed the way documentaries are made through the rare combination of high-class production values and the dismissal of a rule book. The feature film was released theatrically by Sony Picture Classics and has earned ecstatic reviews all over the world, astonishing, enchanting, and devastating audiences. For this work, Feuerzeig won the Best Director prize for a documentary at the Sundance Film Festival 2005. His earlier films include the feature documentary Half Japanese: The Band That Would Be King (1994) and PBS? Jon Hendricks: The Freddie Sessions (1990).
Jeff began his career as a film editor working out of Red Car, New York before taking the helm as director. His ability to elicit compelling performances from real people, as well as his work in the realm of comedy have made his commercial work some of the most memorable. Commercial clients include IBM, Wal Mart, Budweiser, Cache Valley Cheese and One Touch.
Jeff is currently writing and directing The Bayonne Bleeder a feature narrative/documentary hybrid film about the legendary Chuck Wepner who went 15 rounds with Muhammad Ali in 1975 and inspired Sylvester Stallone to write Rocky.
In addition, Jeff has completed writing God Bless Tiny Tim, a feature biopic about the legendary singer who Tiptoe?d Through the Tulips in 1968.    Edit



Santa Monica, United States
April 2014 - February 2015

Green Dot Films has been working with top-tier agencies and clients since its inception in 1996. It is a company known for focusing intensely on each project and for cultivating the talent of its directors. Green Dot's founders have made it their focus to create the perfect mix of hard working creative thinkers. It’s that mix of a carefully cultivated & dedicated core team that keeps Green Dot on top of their game and keeps clients coming back with projects and problem solving needs that cross all boundaries. Green Dot’s executive team is led by owners Jane and Brent Thomas, Executive Producers Darren Foldes & Rich Pring and CFO Beth Clark. Green Dot Films 2014 directing roster includes: Rebecca Baehler, Peter Care, Mark Coppos, Richard Farmer, Rafael Fernandez, Jeff Feuerzeig, Runar Ingi, Kim Jacobs, Robert Jitzmark, David Mandel, Luc Schurgers, Brent Thomas and Claire Thomas. 

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