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  • 2000 First Boards Awards Runner Up (3)

John Adams Jr.

Chairman / CEO at Martin Direct
United States


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Richmond, United States

We’re an ad agency, but you already know that. Let’s focus on a few things you might not know about us.

We’re headquartered in Richmond, Va. and we’re “on the map,” so to speak, thanks to our great leaders who helped build this place, people like Harry Jacobs, Mike Hughes and John Adams. And we’re now on even more maps. Like New York. And London, with CCO Joe Alexander and CEO Matt Williams leading the charge.

We’re a full-service agency. In addition to all the usual offerings, we also have media capabilities, a social listening center, local lead generation, a postproduction facility, and a full-service live action and animation studio. There is truly little we can’t accomplish within our walls.

And for 50 years, we’ve created and defined lasting and differentiating brand platforms. From the longest-running tourism campaign in the country, “Virginia is for Lovers,” to our 20-year relationship with GEICO and the most award-winning campaign in 2013 for the JFK Library and Museum, Clouds Over Cuba, we tap into new energy for brands to create ideas that endure.


Chairman / CEO

Richmond , United States
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