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Ken Mulligan

Head of New Business at Havas Worldwide London
United Kingdom


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Head of New Business

London, United Kingdom

Too much of your time is taken up managing agencies. Precious time that we know you would rather spend on managing your business.

A business that in itself has become complicated; multiple touch points, multiple communication channels, multiple opportunities that should not be missed.

That is why we created Havas Creative Group.

One single access point to multiple solutions. One, some, or all of which are available to you through a single point of contact.

It is an operating system created around client needs and the need for clients to create meaningful connections with their audience.

It is our way of organizing but more importantly it’s our way to get to better answers. Modern business challenges that have become more complicated and multi-dimensional mean that can no longer be one answer from your agency. A single ad campaign is no longer the silver bullet. That is why we need different combinations of people, with different skill sets, collaborating with you to get the insights and ideas that will genuinely make a difference.

This way of working works better. The evidence is in the real difference it has made for businesses like...

  • Ellas’s kitchen where we create healthier generations by starting them off right to make Ella’s the No1 weaning food brand in the UK.
  • Greggs, who we helped to launch their first hot dogs - selling 142,000 in just two days and reaching 1.6million people with a simple hashtag: #hotdogsontour.
  • Durex where we are helping Durex to become a brand people want, rather than need-75m people viewed our #TurnOffToTurnOn film.
  • Chivas, where we’re helping social entrepreneurs make their dreams become a reality in over 27 countries globally.
  • For Dove Men+Care Father’s Day campaign, rethinking perceptions of masculinity and achieving 14 million views in just 2 days with no media spend. 
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