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It didn't take long for agency Creatives to discover that Director Klaus Obermeyer was an excellent storyteller. Klaus began his career shooting extreme sports and stunning outdoor visuals, with agencies quickly making the connection between his work and their client's need for inspiring lifestyle spots.
? Klaus began his career hooking up with Harvard film professor Robert Fulton.
? Klaus is the son of Klaus Obermeyer Sr., the famous Olympic skier and pioneer of the down ski jacket.
? Klaus loves extreme sports, and started his career by shooting skiers, surfers and rock climbers.
? Klaus loves to develop tools that allow him to get scenes and angles never before seen on film. Two years ago, he helped to develop the patented KlausCam, an ingenius rig that allows him to shoot stunning scenics.
? Recent work includes spots for Bridgestone Tires, Quaker State Oil, VISA, AOL, Bank of America, NAVY and Subaru.
? Klaus is involved in several altruistic directorial endeavors. He just directed a pro-bono spot for the ocean "watch-dog" group Oceana, in addition to working on a longer format film of marine life captured on film during his free-diving expeditions. The film stock for the project is being supplied by Kodak.
? Obermeyer is well versed shooting in HD, most recently using the Phantom HD system.    Edit


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