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  • 2014 AdForum Greatest Hits 2013 Winner
  • 2014 ADDY Awards Silver (2)
  • 2013 The A-List Awards Silver
  • 2013 The A-List Awards Bronze
  • 2013 ADDY Awards Silver (2)
  • 2013 One ShowInteractive Q2 Finalist
  • 2012 ADDY Awards Gold Silver
  • 2012 National ADDY Award Silver
  • 2000 AWARD / Australasian Writers and Art Directors Finalist

Scott McDonald

Art Director at RPA
United States


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Art Director

Santa Monica , United States

For over 27 years, we’ve created remarkable work and remarkable growth for our clients.

Because we live in a world where attention is scarce, it’s not enough to out-spend or out-shout. Our work must be different, worthy of paying attention to, and worthy of talking about.

We champion Whitespace. The space that commands attention, because our clients are there and their competitors are not.

RPA uses Whitespace to un-level the playing field to our clients’ advantage. We swing big and multiply the force of their investment. We get them noticed and drive growth.

We are an independent ad agency of over 450 creative entrepreneurs, headquartered in Santa Monica, CA, who work tirelessly to move audiences to action in today’s digital world. 

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