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Worked As
  • 2005 The Cresta Awards Finalist (2)
  • 2004 Eurobest Silver

Terje Banken

CEO, McCann Erickson at McCann Oslo


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CEO, McCann Erickson

Oslo, Norway

Our philosophy

McCann makes some of the most well-known ad campaigns in Norway. More and more often we find the best ideas outside what is considered the traditional advertising framework. We used to define ourselves as creative advertising producers, now we think of ourselves as creative value producers.

Our aim is to find the creative solution that adds most value for our clients. Creativity is not a goal as such, but we believe that our most important tool is creativity and insight combined. Just as each client and task is unique, so is the solution we make every time.

The best solution might be digital or analogue, an app or a letter, a commercial or PR, traditional or new technology, a viral film or a mini-series for TV, 1:1 or mass communication, an event, a widget, a new service concept or sometimes perhaps pure product improvement. Rarely, the best solution is one-legged. The best solution is never boring.

Our beliefs

People’s access to and use of media has changed dramatically throughout the past years. Equally important as mastering the new technology is to remember that not all things change. Like the fact that people want to be understood and taken seriously. That people are curious and impatient. That people want to have a say. That people don’t want to be informed but engaged. That it takes more than talking about oneself – in a loud voice – to be liked. That honesty is the best policy. Although advertising has shifted from monologue to dialogue, McCann’s mantra from 1926 is just as relevant in 2011. You find it on our reception wall: Truth well told.

Everyday life with us

McCann is the largest Norwegian advertising agency meaning that we offer the size, scale and experience to handle all kinds of briefs. Our size does not exclude a close client relationship, rather the opposite. Every client has a responsible account director who teams up the right people to solve the brief. We scale the team set-up making us small and big at the same time. We have left the traditional silos to the benefit of smaller groups with specialists from all communication disciplines. This offers you the width of a large agency but the co-operation with a small one.

Our family

In Norway McCann is part of McCann Worldgroup, a happy family of five, all living under the same roof in the old Myrens Verksted in Oslo. Here you find the media agency IUM, the design and innovation agency Scandinavian Design Group, the digital production agency Mediafront and the express agency Craft. By gathering everyone in the same house, we deliver integrated solutions – as far as the client wants. We are a member of the international McCann Worldgroup. This gives us access to experience, knowledge, tools and network, a competitive advantage to other Norwegian agencies, along with the possibility to work with international brands. Last but not least, being part of InterPublic Group, one of the world’s largest holding companies within the communication industry, gives us financial security to develop long-term client relationships. 

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