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  • 2008 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity Silver Lion
  • 2008 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity Bronze Lion

Tobias Enhus

Sound Designer


Tobias Enhus began his musical odyssey as a child fascinated by, and experimenting with, sound. Perhaps being raised in two very distinct and polarized environments, (Sweden and the Middle East) gave Enhus' a taste for both organic and technological disciplines. Unsurprisingly then, his developing passion for music would find him pursuing both electronic applications and orchestral scoring.
Somewhat precocious, Enhus had already scored soundtracks for several commercials that ran on Swedish TV & Radio by the time he was 19 years old. A career in music was inevitable, and his approach was both intellectual and instinctive. Delving further into an academic environment,Enhus enrolled at Lund University to study Acoustics and Music Psychology. A year-long break for National Service (Enhus served as an officer on the Swedish Air Force) was to be followed by yet more study, but this time Fate lent a hand.
A brief jaunt to the US and a visit to the Berklee College of Music campus sealed the deal. Enhus returned to Sweden committed to learn everything that would facilitate his enrollment at Berklee. His discipline (naturally) paid off, and five years later he emerged with a dual degree in Music Production Engineering and Music Synthesis, The Peter Gabriel Award for Outstanding Music Production, and with his composition Perfect Harmony signed up for the Berklee 2000 showcase album.
Delving deeper into a laboratory of sonic enquiry, Enhus expanded his interest in synthesis research, incorporating C-sound applications. His piece entitled ?The Electric Priest ? was a feature of M.I.T's 'The C-Sound Book' and used in lecture series around the world. His final thesis, a landscape synthesis program, was roundly revered by the leading figures in C-Sound synthesis, including Max Matthews, Bill Verplank and Robert Oppenheimer.
Enhus' creative juices extend into other territories, too. He wrote, directed and produced his own music video, which was promptly picked up by MTV Asia and programmed on heavy rotation. During this time he also produced a project with Maceo Parker and James Brown's drummer, Kenwood Denard.
Relocating to Los Angeles in 2000, Enhus was hired to collaborate with film composer Jeff Rona at Media Ventures. His technical skills were put to use with sound design elements for the Crossroads Film's short, The Place We Call Earth. But Enhus soon found himself providing considerable compositions to films Exit Wounds, Ridley Scott's Black Hawk Down, Mothman Prophecies, and the TV series The Dead Zone. Enhus has also provided composition for Steven Soderberg's Traffic, Solaris and Paramount Studios' Narc.
Now ensconced at the award-winning Sound design, Music and Music Supervision house, Machine Head, Enhus has scored for Peter Chung's Dark Fury (The Chronicles of Riddick), Pandemic/THQ's Full Spectrum Warrior, and the Lions Gate feature film, Blind Horizon, starring Val Kilmer. In addition to his features work, Enhus has also crafted the soundtracks for many TV commercial spots including American Express Blue, MD Anderson, Fuel TV, Play Station2 and Chevy Tahoe.
?Tobias is a complete artist in every sense of the word. He worked as hard as anyone could ask. He pushed the aesthetic envelope, and did so with a huge smile. He was a real pleasure to work with - a consummate professional.? - Mark Pellington, Director, Crossroads Films.
?Tobias is talented, collaborative and easy to work with. He's astute, and efficient with his musical elements - and doesn't suffer from the need to overstate! He's not contaminated by gratuitous North American glitz.? - Bruce Dowad, Director, Bruce Dowad Associates


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