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Wave Studios

London, United Kingdom


TitleSing It Kitty/The Ride
Production Company
Post Production
Editing Company
Campaign Sing It Kitty
Advertiser Three
Brand Three
Business Sector Telecommunications Services
Tagline Keep on internetting

This exceptional cat is one-of-a-kind, riding in his bike basket and singing along to Starship’s iconic 80s anthem ‘We Built This City’. Directed by Traktor and conceived by W+K, the adorable spot continues Three’s brand message of ‘Silly Stuff. It matters’. MPC’s VFX team developed and animated a digital double of Bronte the cat, complete with skeleton, muscle structure, luxurious fur and a very special talent.Traktor said, "The commercial was a chamber-piece that had some epic challenges in the shape of a pint-sized fan of Starship. We built this Kitty, indeed. Our hope was that it was going to look effortless despite the obvious efforts that must, somehow, have gone into it. "Realism" was not really our main aim (although it does look real) as the moment it sings, that is a moot point. We wanted emotion, and they provided that in droves. MPC pulled out all the stops, and their army of pale riders in a variety of chambers of commerce. When it comes to soup-to-nuts post-production and visual FX there is a tremendous advantage in MPC having everything in house. From Jean Clement to Billy McNoodles. And by in-house we mean a seamless pipeline that literally spans the globe and included (at least) the LA branch, while still feeling like it all happened in one sugary caffeinated chamber on Wardour Street. Boutiques are for Ladyboys. MPC is for us. We are calling them on line 2 about the next one. Hello? Anyone there?"

Media Type Web Film
Market United Kingdom
Soundtrack We Built This City
More Information http://www.singitkitty.co.uk
Music Fleetwood Mac
Music Starship
Mix Munky