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TitleChoices - Route 1
Production Company
Campaign Choices
Advertiser Depaul
Brand Depaul Trust
Business Sector Institutional/Public Interest/Non-Profit Org.
Tagline Depaul Trust offers support and shelters to youngsters with limited choices
Story Choices is about a young man called Paul who ends up on the street after a string of incidents. The ad is based on real life stories, it follows Paul's life as he struggles through this difficult period in his life.
Philosophy Publicis created an innovative commercial combining Video-On-Demand technology with advertising. Based on real life experiences, the viewer decides on a boy’s fate at several decision points with each choice leading to homelessness. This emphasized the, sometimes, unavoidable situation of ending up on the streets. Airing only once in Hull, via the KIT platform, the commercial generated a click-through rate of 10% against industry standards of 2%. All involved in producing the ad offered their services for free. The ad took the industry by storm and gained a wide range of coverage in the national press for the Depaul Trust.
Problem The Depaul Trust needed to raise awareness of their homeless charity and encourage donation.
Part of the challenge was to address that we don't all have choices available or the infrastructure to support us when we make the wrong ones.
Result Publicis created the very first interactive ad, using KIT's broadband video on demand technology. Consumers were presented with choice point at which they could use their remote to decide what happens next without having the broadcast stream. This emphasised that in reality not everyone has choices available or the infrastructure to support choices when made.
Media Type Television
Market United Kingdom
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