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Traffic Safety Bureau - "Boy" - Rick Johnson & Company, Inc. (RJC)

  • Boy
  • Traffic Safety Bureau
  • New Mexico Traffic Safety Bureau
  • Rick Johnson & Company, Inc. (RJC)
  • United States
  • Driver's Ed
Product NameTraffic Safety
Product CategoryRoad Safety
MarketUnited States
Media TypeTelevision
Length30 Seconds
Awards Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, 2003 (Shortlist) for Public Health & Safety
The One Show, 2003 (Bronze) for Public Service/Political Television Single
Production Company Tate USA
Production Company Sterling Productions
Executive Creative Director Scott Johnson
Creative Director Sam Maclay
Art Director Mike Penn
Copywriter Sam Maclay
Director Jason Reitman
Executive Producer David Tate
Executive Producer Sterling Grant Jr.
You didn't learn to drive this way, so why drive this way. If you don't stop driving dangerously, we'll stop you.


Using humor to highlight unsafe driving, a driving instructor gives a teenage student an unlikely version of the rules of the road. Tailgating, passing a semi, not using the turn signal and a demonstration of how to sound angrier when yelling at motorists are some of the rules.