Whitehouse Post London, United Kingdom Post Production


Whitehouse Post Creative Work

Title "Next-Gen Lionel Messi"
Agency Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam
Production Company Stink
Post Production MPC LDN
Editing Company Whitehouse Post
Campaign It Just Got Real
Advertiser Electronic Arts Inc.
Business Sector Video Games/Consoles

This 'Messimorphosis' begins in an average looking lounge, but as our gamer picks up his controller an incredible transformation begins. His skin starts to give way to reveal a layer of CGI skin. He looks down and something is happening beneath his shirt; he lifts it up to see a six-pack popping out one muscle at a time. The bone structure of his face starts to change as he becomes more and more like the FIFA 14 avatar – his mouth shrinks and his jaw reforms with a strong dimple appearing on his chin, just like Messi's. The bridge of his nose widens, and his eye sockets re-shape with a dark brown colour running down his blue eyes.

We see the lounge's shag pile carpet has given way to grass, as the gamer's cotton t-shirt is replaced by the synthetics of a CGI Barcelona shirt. From within our gamer's bare feet emerge Messi's football boots, stretching around the contours of his body.

The transformation is nearly complete. The gamer has become avatar Messi. Apart from one detail - his hair. It's still blond and floppy. He gives his head a little shake and with that it shrinks and darkens to match Leo's. If only all haircuts were that simple.

Having transformed into the ultimate gaming experience, the avatar throws his controller to the floor to see it balloon into an Adidas match ball. He takes it in his stride and charges on to the greatest field FIFA's ever seen.

It just got real. 

Media Type Television
Length58 seconds
Production Company Resn
Audio Resn
3D Resn
Telecine MPC via remote
Music Messimorphosis
3D Modelling & Maya Animation Assembly Films
Executive Creative Director Mr. Mark Bernath
Executive Creative Director Mr. Eric Quennoy
Creative Director Mr. Mike Farr
Creative Director Mr. Pierre Janneau
Creative Director Mr. Edu Pou
Art Director Mr. Ignasi Tudela Calafell
Copywriter Mr. David Smit
Director Mr. Tomek Bagiński
Production Company Producer Mr. Jaime Tan
Production Company Producer Mr. Arnaud Ronquillo
Production Company Producer Mr. Andrew Porteous
Director of Photography Mr. Stoeps Langensteiner
Head of Production Mr. Erik Verheijen
Head of Production Mr. Andrew Allen
Project Manager Ms. Janna Harrington
Executive Producer Mr. Edward Grann
Account Director Mr. Kirk Johnsen
Account Director Mr. Nick Campion
Strategic Planner Mr. Ben Armistead
Account Manager Ms. Kerstin Hagg
Business Director Ms. Justine Young
Post Production Mr. Gerben Molenaar
Post Production Jamie Loudon
Editor Mr. Adam Marshall
Editor Mr. Stephen Dunne
Special Effects / VFX Mr. Franck Lambertz
Colorist Mr. George K.
Music Mr. Guy Amitai
Sound Designer Mrs. Raja Sehgal
Music Company / Composer Mr. Pivot Audio
Advertising Manager Mr. Todd Sitrin
Advertising Manager Mr. Jamie McKinlay
Advertising Manager Mr. Oliver Hughes
Advertising Manager Mr. Matt Mckie
Advertising Manager Ms. Dana Marineau
Advertising Manager Mr. Mark Evans
Advertising Manager Mr. Justin Shekell
CG Supervisor Mr. Carsten Keller