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TNT - "Push the Button 2" - Duval Guillaume

  • Push the Button 2
  • TNT
  • Turner Broadcasting Inc.
  • Duval Guillaume
  • Belgium
  • Push to Add Drama
Product CategoryTV/Radio Programs & Stations
Media TypeAmbient
Length110 Seconds
Awards Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, 2013 (Bronze Lion) for Stunts & Live Advertising
Production Company CZAR.BE
Executive Creative Director Geoffrey Hantson
Executive Creative Director Katrien Bottez
Art Director Ad Van Ongeval
Copywriter Dieter De Ridder
We Know Drama


To launch TNT - a quality series and movies TV channel - in the Netherlands, we made a sequel to the viral hit video "A Dramatic Surprise on a Quiet Square". On a cold winter's day, we placed the famous red button somewhere in a Dutch shopping street. Are you ready? Discover here what happened this time. For more info on TNT visit