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European Parliament - "And Then Came A Lot Of Sheep" - Ogilvy Brussels

  • And Then Came A Lot Of Sheep
  • European Parliament
  • European Parliament
  • Ogilvy Brussels
  • Belgium
  • Act. React. Impact
Product CategoryGovernment & Other Authorities
Date of First Broadcast/PublicationMay 9, 2014
Media TypeWeb Film / Viral
Length131 Seconds
Production Company CZAR.BE
Post Production Nozon
Creative Director Sam De Win
Creative Team Sam De Win
Creative Team Seb De Roover
Copywriter Koen Mortier
Director Koen Mortier
Director of Photography Menno Mans
Producer Joop Haesen
Executive Producer Eurydice Gysel
Agency Producer Bruno Dejonghe
Editor Manu Van Hove
Colorization Joost Van Kerckhove
Music Compact Disc Dummies
Sound Senjan Jansen


Voting is not mandatory everywhere in the EU so in some countries people need to be reminded that they can vote. Of course, that's an extremely broad target group. Koen Mortier's film is part of 3 European campaigns created by the European Parliament and Ogilvy, and aims at first time voters. First times are by definition adventurous, your first time voting is no different