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Carlos Lowenstein Lowers the Camera to Answer Some Questions

September 12, 2014

So you’ve probably come across Carlos’ photographic leanings once or twice. AnOceanInTheCity grabbed him for an interview where you can eavesdrop and discover why Carlos is jealous, selfish and likes things that are flat and ugly, as well as how he is inspired by 70s experimental…

Josh Bodnar + Sarofsky Kick Ass with Captain America

September 11, 2014

UPDATE—The MOE’s are finally here! Re-read the backstory below and savor the beautiful titles above! Still hungry for more? Check out what SHOOT, Art of the Title, Stash Media, Art of VFX, Sarofsky and AWN have to say about it. Originally published 4/3/14. Josh Bodnar collaborate…

Whitehouse Post Adds Editor Mark Burnett in London

September 9, 2014

Acclaimed editorial company Whitehouse Post welcomes seasoned film and commercial editor Mark Burnett to their roster. Known for his comedic timing, Burnett has worked with many acclaimed directors including Rattling Stick’s Hamish Rothwell and Biscuit Film’s Matt Dilmore editing…

Time Out

September 3, 2014

Limited time. Limited time outs. Take them. Savor them. Share them. Rick Lawley teams up with Tom Brady, Carbon + M&C Saatchi again after last fall’s Gamechangers, this time with director Brendan Malloy. Take some time out and enjoy it.

We Are Sport.

August 28, 2014

Adam Marshall has teamed with Robert Nylund + Philippe Tempelman of Social Club to mold a montage of sport. Lights flicker on in the darkness, focus follows and rhythm kicks in. Robert Nylund + Philippe Tempelman provide smooth, sailing shots and intimate closeups which Adam employs to ease …