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Nabisco - "Fly" - J. Walter Thompson Chicago

  • Fly
  • Nabisco
  • Kraft Foods, Inc.
  • J. Walter Thompson Chicago
  • United States
  • Tastes Good, Feels Good
Product NameWheat Thins
Product CategoryCocktail Snacks
MarketUnited States
Media TypeTelevision
Length15 Seconds
Production Company Nexus Productions
Creative Director Marcee Nelson
Art Director Monica Klasa
Copywriter Jennifer Ruyle
Account Executive Brandon Scharold
Agency Producer Debbie Heagy


An animated woman gets tugged along by her kite and suddenly lifted up into the sky. She hangs on delighted by her whirlwind ride above the land. As the wind whooshes her along, we see that the kite is made in the likeness of a Wheat Thins box. In her mind, she's just been carried away by the crackers.