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Carlton Sterling - "Hold Me Restaurant" - GPY&R

  • Hold Me Restaurant
  • Carlton Sterling
  • Foster's Group Limited
  • GPY&R
  • Australia
  • Hold Me Restaurant
Product NameBeer
Product CategoryBeers, Ciders, Lagers
Media TypeTelevision
Length60 Seconds
Production Company The Sweet Shop
Creative Director James McGrath
Art Director Ben Coulson
Art Director Neville Stevenson
Copywriter Josh Stephens
Director Jess Bluck
Production Company Producer Tony Whyman
Director of Photography Nigel Bluck
Agency Producer Julie Rutherford
Editor Jonathon Venz


This humorous spot explores the intense relationship between man and his beer, and the ridiculous obsession man has with it. In their reluctance to let go of their beer’s we see men compromised in action. The golfer with a one arm swing, the tandem pool players, and a gymnast unable to perform. It’s an unbreakable bond where odd behaviour becomes comically natural.


Scenarios include men fishing, paying pool, and skiing. A man getting dressed, playing pin ball, a couple at a restaurant, a gymnast and swimmer.