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Jack & Jones - "Sewing it Up" - & Co.

  • Sewing it Up
  • Jack & Jones
  • Bestseller
  • & Co.
  • Denmark
  • Made from Cool
Product CategoryClothing
MarketUnited States
Media TypeTelevision
Length42 Seconds
Awards The New York Festivals International Advertising Awards in All Media, 2014 (First Prize Award) for Apparel, Footwear & Accessories
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, 2014 (Silver Lion Campaign) for Clothing, Footwear & Accessories
D&AD Awards / Yellow Pencil, 2014 (Nomination) for Production Design for Film Advertising
D&AD Awards / Yellow Pencil, 2014 (Nomination) for Direction for Film Advertising
Eurobest, 2013 (Bronze Campaign) for Best Production Value
Eurobest, 2013 (Silver Campaign) for Direction
Eurobest, 2013 (Gold) for Casting
Eurobest, 2013 (Grand Prix Campaign) for Clothing, footwear & accessories
Epica Awards, 2013 (Silver Campaign) for Editing & Special Effects
Epica Awards, 2013 (Silver Campaign) for Direction & Cinematography
Epica Awards, 2013 (Epica d'Or Campaign) for Film
Epica Awards, 2013 (Gold Campaign) for Clothing, Footwear & Personal Accessories
Production Company Bacon
Post Production Bacon
Creative Director Thomas Hoffmann
Art Director Martin Storgaard
Director Martin Werner
Director of Photography Lasse Frank
Project Manager Marianne Sierberg
Executive Producer Mette Jermiin
Lighting Director / Lighting Michael Sorensen
Account Director Mikael Jorgensen
Agency Producer Arlette Walsoe
Actor / Celebrity Christopher Walken
Made From Cool