Ricardo Fernandez
Ricardo Fernandez
Advertising Manager at AB Inbev
Buenos Aires, Argentina
TitleAndes Friends Recovery
Campaign Andes Friend Recovery (AFR)
Advertiser AB Inbev
Brand Andes
Date of First Broadcast/Publication

How does it work?
1.     Your friends go to a bar and sit at the Andes Friend Recovery table.
2.    They ask for a password which is sent to you via an SMS, while you fulfil your boyfriend duties.
3.    Wherever you are you have to log in to the AFR page and use the webcam to map your face.
4.    Then you appear at the bar, via the Andes Friend Recovery robot.


Following the huge success of the Andes “Teletransporter” in 2009, the No. 1 beer from the Andean region of Argentina has launched ANDES FRIEND RECOVERY (AFR).

AFR is a cutting-edge robot with human features, which was installed in the main bars of Mendoza.  The AFR enables men to be present at the bar with friends without neglecting their duties as boyfriends; because at the same time, they are with their girlfriends somewhere else.

The campaign was launched on traditional media; TV, OOH and Radio

Result <p>The AFR was installed in the most important bars of the Mendoza, during October and November 2010. During that time, the website http://andesfriendrecovery.com received over 2 million visits, 5000 of which were "recovered" friends.</p>
Media Type Case Study
Account Manager
Account Manager
Agency Producer
Agency Producer
Agency Producer
Creative Team
Creative Team
Creative Director
Executive Creative Director
Executive Creative Director
Advertising Manager
Advertising Manager
Advertising Manager
Sound Design Company
Production Company Pickle
Director of Photography
Executive Producer
Director Nico & Martin
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