Camilla Scognamiglio
Advertising Manager at Unilever
Madrid, Spain
TitleMagnum Pleasure Hunt Across Amsterdam
Campaign Magnum Pleasure Hunt Across Amsterdam
Advertiser Unilever
Brand Magnum
Date of First Broadcast/Publication

With Augmented Reality combined with Google maps and the iPhone’s GPS/Gyro functionality we created a phone application that allowed people, in a real life version of Pac Man, to run the streets of Amsterdam and collect the ingredients of the Magnum infinity. But instead of ghosts as in the original, the players where chased by greedy mouths trying to eat the chocolate before you.

A tailor-made version for a specific city gives a more accurate experience in terms of positioning which wouldn’t be possible with a global version. This way we know exactly how the game field would look and could map out every building and street on Google maps. The result is the illusion that objects, as the greedy mouths could literally appear from behind a corner starting to chase you. The application was supported by an event, with a Magnum headquarter, where people could change their points in to a Magnum Infinity. 

Problem <p>To further reinforce the brand promise “For pleasure seekers” and introduce a new member of the Magnum family: “Magnum Infinity”. But how do you take it to the next level if the first version “claimed” the whole Internet? You bring it to the real world.<span> </span></p>
Media Type Case Study
Creative Director
Creative Director
Advertising Manager
Advertising Manager
Advertising Manager
Advertising Manager
Interactive Designer
Interactive Designer
Account Director
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Account Assistant
Account Manager

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