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Beer, Wine & Liquor
A specialized selection highlighting the latest and greatest alcohol ads

Best alcohol ads of the week : Oct 23, 2013

Baileys - Baileys Chocolat Luxe

Mixing magic...A little peek into the creation process of Baileys' newest release.

Dewar's - One Man Gang

An army of one...A legend of the Glasgow streets displays muscle with a touch of class.

Export Gold - Fire at the Old Well

The dog whisperer...Lassie makes a comeback to help her owner get out of a few unsavory situations.

Grey Goose - Fly Beyond
Team WPP

Against the grain...When everyone else says no, those who say yes become infamous or famous.

Mahou 5 Stars - Bar Doors

When one door closes...The popular band, FUN, lulls us into a sense of security at our neighborhood watering hole.


Heineken - Coachella

Music as a driving force...Heineken makes you a VIP at one of the biggest music festivals in the US.

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