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Best alcohol ads of the month : Mar 26, 2014

Budweiser - Believe as One

Quest for the cup...Less than 3 months until the greatest soccer tournament in the world and Budweiser releases its official ad.

Bavaria - Pretty Relaxed

A blast from the past...These legends aren't dead, they just wanted a little peace and quiet.

Woodstock Bourbon Cola - Home

Watchin' the game, drinkin' a Woody...Baywatch babe, Pamela Anderson, makes her triumphant return in this cheeky campaign.

Wiser's - Swan Song

Date night...It's always great sign when a couple can be on the same page.

Hansa Pilsener - 20 Years of Freedom

A sign of the times...Hansa gives South Africa yet another reason to celebrate. Let the good times roll!


Dekuyper - Creating the Perfect Cocktail for Every Occasion

We'll drink to that...The perfect cocktail for a big occasion can make the celebration all that much better.

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