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Best Auto Ads of the Month : April 2014 Edition

Ford - Anything is Possible

It's a dirty job...And this entrepreneur has no problem doing it for the betterment of the planet.

Fiat - FIAT Italian Masterpiece

Mimicking Michaelangelo...An experiential execution that has even the Pope putting in his two cents.

3 - Wrong Cars

The new soccer mom...This mom has to carpool for her son's teammates in shifts...pun intended.

Porsche - Porsche Blind Trade

Trading up...A deal that is pretty much a no-brainer. Now, I wish I owned a car.

Mitsubishi - Who Says We Can't

Don't take no for an answer...Humankind has defied the odds time and time again to accomplish the greatest of feats.


Nissan - The Nissan Innovation Environment at Auto Shows

Let the games begin...A live event that incorporates your mobile device and lets you test your driving skills at the same time.

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