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Best food ads of the month : Jul 24, 2014

Burger King - Gay Pride Whopper

Turned inside-out...Prejudices are revealed and hearts are touched by this simple yet powerful idea.

Cheerios - Peanut Butter Cheerios- #HowtoDad

Life lessons...This da-da-da-daddio breaks down the ins and outs of taking care, living with and having fun with your kids.

Mentos - Amazing Me!

With great power comes great responsibility...And with that responsibility, sometimes you just can't make it to class on time.

McDonald's - Legendary Stunt - 'Fearless- The Making of a Chicken Legend'

What Epic Split...McDonald's totally outdoes the viral Van Damme video creating its own epic stunt.

Pizza Hut - Sneaky Turtles

COWABUNGA!...In a tie-in to the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, Pizza Hut exposes the heroes' pizza obsession.


McVitie's - Owl

Milk and cookies...And owls? We're not quite sure if this is cute or weird, but we like it.

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