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Best Technology and Digital Ads of the Month : January 2013 Edition
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Call of Duty: Black Ops II Revolution - The Replacer

The everyman's man...He may not do the job exactly to spec, but good enough.

Micromax - Stunning Colours Meet Incredible Sound

Clash of the titans...Bringing the best of audio and visual together for a top notch entertainment experience.

Apple - Dream

Two chicks at the same time...Taking down arguably two of the best tennis champs in history can now go uninterrupted.

Logitech - El Général

The power of music...Moving your feet, moving your heart, or moving a country.

EE - Film Club

Multiple personality disorder...Kevin Bacon deliberates with himself on the best movie choices for the week.


Sony Playstation 3 - Matt Kemp | BFF

From LA with love...Playstation 3 garners interest for the latest edition of MLB The Show by bringing players and gamers together.

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