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Best Technology and Digital Ads of the Month : December 2013 Edition

Verizon - 48 Hours

Yet another 48 hours...Eddie Murphy and Nick Nolte don't make it along for this crazy ride with Edward Norton.

Konica Minolta - Dream Printer

Now, there's a tight squeeze...It is well worth the discomfort for this arbiter of happy endings.

The Crew - The Crew

For every task there is a tool...Pieces of the puzzle fall into place for every driver, job and terrain.

EA SPORTS™ FIFA14 - Next-Gen Lionel Messi

This ad gets a little Messi...Play the game, love the game, be the game.

Nokia - Capture All the Action

Just a hop, skip and a jump...These two are running amok through the streets, on rooftops and up the walls.


Toshiba - Look Closer. See More.

Zooming in...Immerse yourself in a world of fantasy with this spot for the new Encore Tablet.

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