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Best Technology and Digital Ads of the Month : May 2014 Edition

Huawei - Selfie Mania

No matter what it takes...It's a battle of who can capture the best picture...of themselves.

Watch Dogs - Amazing Street Hacks (270 sec)

Complete control...Grab life by the horns and achieve all of your goals with just the press of a button.

Honeywell - Honeywell Alto

Finding your voice...You might not get everything you want, but Honeywell's new voice controlled thermostat is a good start.

Braun - Spider

A hairy situation...You never know what could be lurking in the deep, dark depths of untended nostrils.

Bosch - Tiger

Never wake a sleeping tiger...That's the name of the game and Bosch is playing the game well.


LG - Helping LG Electronics turn overshares into Fabshares with the Optimus G Pro Business Problem

Fabsharing is caring...Is this the next evolution of sharing on social media?

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