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Best Travel and Tourism Ads of the Month : May 2014 Edition

Holland - Episode 1: Can Cool Be Taught

The Original Cool...I think a few people might disagree with this statement, but Pim de Koel makes a good argument for it.

Tam Airlines - Catimba

Going for goal...Hey, whatever it takes to keep Brazil's best players from ending Spain's major tournament run.

KLM - Flat or Not

Take a load off...Unsuspecting passengers are lulled into relaxing positions whilst waiting for their flights to board.

British Airways - Australia Has Everything, Except You

Home sick...Being so far away from the people you love has never felt this good.

Flybe - Teddy

Father of the Year...When his son leaves without his favorite bear, dad goes to great lengths to reunite the two.


VISIT FLORIDA - Fly South This Winter Taxi Toppers

This is for the birds...A very stark contrast in winters between north and south in the US of A.

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