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Best Ads of the Week : Dec 13, 2011

Canal + - The Bear

The bear necessities...Proof that laying around in front of the "boob tube" all day qualifies as directorial experience.

Anim'est - Stall

That was awkward...Sharing is caring, but this bunny takes it to a whole other level.

Bic Flex 3 - WTF ! Insane Human Curling

Real smooth...What better way to demonstrate the effectiveness of a razor?!

Optifog - The Butcher

He hasn't the foggiest...This turns out to be a really special delivery.

The Polish Federation of Cancer Survivors - What a person can miss the machine will find (Film)

Under-a-wear...An alarming way to let women know that a mammogram is the best way to detect breast cancer.


Tropicana - Oranges Provide Energy

A spark of interest...After starting small with their experiments, these scientists hold a big demonstration of the power of oranges.

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