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Best Ads of the Week : Dec 17, 2012

De Opvoedingslijn - Children’s choir starts bullying

Christmas kids...Unsuspecting mall-goers are taken aback by mauled Christmas carols, but finally get the message.

Canal + - Slide

Goals galore...It's time to celebrate just like your favorite scorers.

Ura.ru - Make the politicians work

Inadvertent speed bumps...Potholes transformed into potty mouths.

Responsible Young Drivers - Driving Test

A crash course...If you can't practice to text and drive, how do you think you will fare on the road?

VO5 - Pliktisijiteur Pageant

Excommunicated...Pageant players are proscribed and happy about it at that.


Tamanna - September Christmas

Christmas comes early...Santa descends on a small shopping arcade to grant Carmen a little holiday happiness.

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