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Advertising professionals involved in international and potential markets, the need for in-depth information in the field of Business Communications in the Arab world is a necessity. ArabAd has been designed to bridge the information gap by tackling the complex facets of this industry. From day one, its aim has been to expand the levels of quality and professionalism in our business. Covering a wide range of topics that include awards, clients, media, marketing, research, agencies, and technology, it has been -- for the last two decades -- the essential reading of many multi-national communities, marketers, and people in the communication industry.
- Because communication is the pivot of the world economy in an accelerating age of globalisation.
- Because the Middle East, like everywhere else in the advertising and media industry, is undergoing great changes.
- Because as reflections of their society, Middle Eastern markets are of ever-increasing interest to forward thinking professionals.
- Because it is essential for our business to have a solid Oriental-Occidental link.
- Because it is packed with valuable information and insights into a relatively untapped region that is brimming with potential.
For these reasons ArabAd continues to be a valuable tool for the Advertising and Business Communications professional, supplying the most up-to-date information and opinions about advertising, marketing, and media. Distributed to over 15,000 key personnel in client companies, advertising agencies, and professionals from various walks of life and business, ArabAd is as rigourous and demanding in its approach, as the elite to which it is addressed, and maintains a watchful eye on the pulse of this industry, endeavouring to aid in its health and progress.
ArabAd is mostly read by the multi-national community, marketers and people in the communications industry.
Not only are they frequent travelers, but they are also one of the largest group of purchasers of luxury items, and are considered trendsetters. Readership is estimated at over 50.000 readers.