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About Us

Brand News is an initiative of journalistic Brand News Media Group and was born in November 2011.

Brand News is a digital newspaper, in pdf format, designed specifically for those who manage the brand. In addition to offering reliable and timely information on everything that happens every day in Italy in the world of communication, creativity, media and marketing, Brand News offers a careful and selected overview of what is happening in the world of innovative and creative . Insight of the highest quality that relate to the advertising creativity, emerging trends at the international level, consumption, planning, the publishing world, communication strategies and product marketing.

It is an indispensable and valuable for professionals in communications and marketing and who is responsible for the design of strategies and creativity. The work of selection is made directly by the editors of Milan, which filters the news based on the interest they may have for those who work in our country, and in daily contact with a group of collaborators and international experts working in agencies and companies. The geographic focus of the research involves all five continents, with particular attention to both the markets most significant and advanced as the U.S., Britain, Australia, South Africa, Japan, Germany and France both to emerging countries such as Brazil, Russia, India , China, and Eastern Europe in general, South East Asia, Latin America.

Brand News is a portal constantly updated on everything that happens in the world of communication, media and marketing. The portal also provides insights, research, analysis, case histories.

Subscribers to the newspaper will be able to navigate to all areas of the site, while the other will have access only to a limited part of the news.