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About Us

Launched in 1980, Creative Review inspires, informs and stimulates debate across the fields of advertising, design and visual culture worldwide.
We aim to produce thought-provoking content covering graphic design, advertising, digital media, illustration, photography, typography and essentially, any other form of visual communication.
Are we a Magazine/ Twitter Feed/ iPad App/ Blog?
Creative Review is all of the above (and a bit more).

Originally a monthly magazine, print is at the heart of CR's history and we still curate exclusive content and produce the perfect bound, high quality magazine (on the best quality paper we've ever had) each month. You can subscribe or buy single and back issues via our shop. plays home to the much loved CR Blog, where you'll find inspiration from current projects chosen and critiqued by CR editorial staff alongside Feed, our showcase section which allows registered users of the site to upload their work.

In 2012, we launched our much anticipated iPad App. The App is not a page turner like many other magazine apps - it was developed to offer our readers a new CR experience, playing to the strengths of the medium. It offers more high res imagery, more video and iPad exclusive content, updated throughout the month. You can see a demo of the App in action here.

Monograph is Creative Review's exclusive monthly publication for magazine subscribers. Each month, this 20 page, A5 booklet features a personal project or collection of inspirational images or objects. In 2008, Monograph earned a silver at the 87th Art Directors Club Awards in New York.

It's undeniable that in a world where every individual gets inspiration, ideas and information in a different way to the next, we can't simply be a magazine, or an app, or a twitter feed so our aim is to ensure every one of our readers is catered for and that each of the above provides a truly unique Creative Review experience.

Creative Review Community

We aim to be at the heart of an industry we love dearly. We celebrate and encourage creativity, commercial success, talent and professional development. And we can't do that without our international readership - to understand what makes you tick, what you like to look at and what you like to talk about.

Although based in the UK, we now have subscribers to our print magazine in over 80 countries and over 50% of our web visitors, and 72% of our iPad App readers, are from outside the UK.
A few years ago we started a Twitter feed so that we could share our content quickly, hear what you were talking about and what you thought of us - we now have just over 720,000 followers, just under 20,000 fans on Facebook and over 8000 followers on Pinterest.