Kampanje, Oslo Update

  • og besøksadresse: Kampanje Forlag Prinsens gate 22
  • Oslo 0157
  • Norway
  • Phone: (+47) 22 33 31 00

About Us

Promo Publishing Co. publishes Campaign magazine and www.kampanje.com. Promo Publishing was founded in March 2009 by Knut Kristian Hauger, Erlend Fossbakken and Hilde Nyman. In 2011, Sales Manager John Lund is also a shareholder.

Campaign magazine was established in 1964 by Nils Escapes, which was publisher of the magazine until 1970. When acquired Technical Press, Campaign came in 1985 in the home Mortensen sphere. At that time, the magazine was acquired by AS home from Tech Press. The effort to campaign began in earnest in 2000/2001.

Two of the owners have been involved since the time the first great digital promise was made, Erlend Fossbakken from October 2000 and Knut Kristian Hauger in November 2000 while Hilde Nyman was appointed in 2005.