PUB, Mechelen Update

  • Ragheno Business Park
  • Mechelen 30 - 2800
  • Belgium
  • Phone: (+32) 15 36 15 13

About Us

PUB was held over the baptismal font in 1976 as the first independent magazine for marketing, communications and media. Since then it has always been our aim to unite brands around people. We do this is through PUB Magazine and our news feeds, but also through our research, our interactive PUB website and numerous other initiatives such as the Advertiser Personality of the Year (in collaboration with UBA), the TOP Awards (in collaboration with VMMtv) or the annual official Agency Ranking (in collaboration with On any medium or forum what it is: PUB increases your knowledge and people. 

Philosophy & Competitive Advantages

Inspiration is a key driver in the world of marketing, communications and media. That inspiration can be found at PUB. We bring news and info on the latest trends, depth reports, spit ante columns, inspiring income interviews and discussions of outstanding communication campaigns. PUB is a popular refuge where people with the same passion for brands meet. So be in, because if influential or inspiring meaning people walk into each other, depends electricity in the air.

PUB provides you with an independent and clear picture of the rapidly changing world of marketing, communications and media. It is evident that you as a professional fire all want to know about. Because awake, knowledgeable minds see more possibilities and keep their finger on the pulse of the time.