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About Us

Strategies is a trademark of Intescia group. Strategies accompanies all marketing professionals, communications and media. Around the magazine, a comprehensive range of services has been deployed: the Magazine, Guides, the Website, Newsletters, Grand Prix Strategies, Conferences and Training.

The magazine, newsletters and web site strategies, the weekly number of professional communication, this weekly full information on communication, marketing, advertising and media. It allows subscribers to receive every morning on their e-mail, electronic communication daily newsletter: Strategies Newsletter.
Strategies also publishes the 13h of the Commission, a free daily newsletter, and Newsletter Awards Grand Prix Strategies. 

Philosophy & Competitive Advantages

Strategies guides: Strategies also publishes five reactualized guides each year that identify communication professionals: Guide Marketing Tips and Partners, the Agencies Guide (2 volumes), the Corporate Guide, the Design Guide, Health Guide.

Grand Prix Strategies: The weekly also offers eight annual events professionals throughout the Grand Prix. These events highlight the best campaigns and creations in the fields of advertising and media strategies, Digital Marketing, Brand Content, Design, Luxury, Customer Marketing, Corporate Communication, and the best actions communication using the Sport or Sport. The newsletter Awards Grand Prix event is a "best case" for valuable advertisers and agencies.

In addition to its magazine, its newsletters, his guides and his Grand Prix Strategies has created a very rich program of vocational training.

Strategies Training offers nearly 120 training sessions per year in the areas Marketing - Communications - Internet. Pragmatic and operational, it allows more than 1,000 professionals to train each year. To facilitate the training, trainers are selected for their field experience and enthusiasm to share their knowledge.