Philosophy & Competitive Advantages

The RACA was founded in 1993 as the Association of Advertising Agencies (later – The Russian Association of Advertising Agencies). Its members are agencies and companies from all over the country in advertising, communication, media and marketing businesses. The RACA is comprised of 144 member companies and 3 collective members – Advertising Federation of the Regions, Russian Association of Suppliers and Manufacturers of Souvenirs, Union of the Outdoor Advertising Professionals. "The goals of the RACA are to co-ordinate activities of its members –communication agencies, protect their interests and represent the collective view of the agencies and, on their behalf, enter into discussions and negotiations and conclude agreements with other industry associations and bodies representative of television, press, radio, outdoor, cinema, direct mail, public relations, sales promotion, etc." The RACA President is Igor Yankovskiy (Director General, CEO of the “Advertising Cartel” Group of Companies, President of the Moscow International Advertising Festival). The RACA represents its members for the other trade organisation and authorities. The RACA is a member of the EACA. The RACA organizes the Moscow International Advertising Festival, the largest in the country, encompassing TV, radio, press, cinema, outdoor, media awards