Campaign #EarthMode
Advertiser Miami Ad School
Brand Connect4Climate
Date of First Broadcast/Publication
Business Sector Environmental & Ecological Issues
Story The environmental effects of climate change are affecting our planet to the point where Earth is losing its color. Therefore, Connect4Climate is introducing #EarthMode, a movement that reflects Earth’s loss of color in our digital world. Influential brands partnered with Connect4Climate will remove color from the icons of their apps and challenge users to return the color by taking small sustainable actions. Together we will bring back our beloved colors digitally, and in reality.
Philosophy To convince people in taking sustainable actions on an individual level, Connect4Climate has set out to target them in the place where a lot of their time is consumed in the 21st century – their digital space. This generation’s digital life has become ever more colorful with entertainment to be found at every step of interaction with devices. To shine the effects of loss of color from the Earth’s environment, we are introducing #EarthMode, an initiative which removes color from the digital environment with the help of the very brands people interact with digitally. This initiative is dependable on people’s own individual sustainable actions to bring back color in their digital environment. With more people taking steps to improve the state of our environment, colors will gradually reappear digitally, and in reality.
Problem Sustainability touches every part of our lives but if the link is not made between large-scale solutions and individual practical actions, it’s difficult to feel that one person can have any real impact. Connect4Climate is looking for an idea that excites young people and drives them to create collective impact by encouraging, linking and tracking individual actions
Result This was a school project, the campaign wasn't released.
Media Type Digital
Art Director