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Everybody calls Berlin the "new" New York and if you visit Berlin you'll see it's true! Berlin is probably the coolest city in the world right now. And you'll find everything that a creative needs: It's an ideal hometown for artists. There is film, design, advertising, art, photography, writing everywhere. And: It's not expensive, but full of life. There’s a youthfull, boasting and sometimes harsh energy in the city, joined by an impact that some consider to be more influential as New York’s today. Miami Ad School Berlin is located in Schöneberg in a wonderful old industrial loft - only a few minutes walk from the subway station.

The best instructors come here to teach: Creative Directors from Jung von Matt, Heimat, ServicePlan, Scholz & Friends, DDB, BBDO and many other well known agencies teach exactly what’s relevant and up-to-date in the industry. Then there are the two directors: Niklas Frings-Rupp won D&AD’s World’s Best Tutor Award and Oliver Voss was partner and Chief Creative Officer at Jung von Matt. The list of their accomplishments is almost as long as their hair. 

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