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Hyper Island's most 'hyped' module - Exploring Te

We met Digital Media Creative student Josefin in Karlskrona. Josefin talked to us about her favorite Hyper Island module - Exploring Tech. We get a lot of questions about our Exploring Tech module, which is popular among students of different programs. Together with Josefin, we’ll de-mystify parts of this experience for you.


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Hi Josefin! Great that you could make it today. What’s your story?

Thanks for having me. My story? I study Digital Media Creative in Karlskrona. I switched to studying here earlier this year from Uppsala where I was doing some courses in media. Before that, I was working in Media Sales for the Newspaper Metro and the online network Matchads. I really liked that, so I chose Digital Media Creative to deepen my knowledge of the field and, honestly, also because I really want to move to San Francisco some day and Hyper Island has a really good network and reputation there. I don’t think there’s another school in Sweden like that.

So what do you particularly like about Hyper Island?

Hyper Island has a fast tempo and is really action-oriented. I love that! I also like that we can try out different things and figure out what to do with our skills and knowledge gradually. The media field is super broad, so I appreciate that we get to choose our own focus. I want to eventually start my own company, so I like having the opportunity to learn about all kinds of things.

We reached out to you because you said you really enjoyed the Exploring Tech Course. Can you tell us a bit more about the course?

Of course! So Exploring Tech is a 5 weeks program. The first 2,5 weeks are lead by different Industry Leaders and give you the opportunity to explore different technologies.

We started with 3D mapping and then worked with minicomputers and on small lighting shows - basically to get used to different technologies. We also made little robots and programmed them to do things. Our main Industry Leader was Jonas and he was advising us all the time so we saw results really fast. These small successes really helped to get us interested in programming. I found it very motivating.

One day we tried out 3D-printing, which was really cool as well. Also, we got a Business Model Process where we had to prototype for a customer. This meant that we had a day to come up with an idea and also learned about presentation tools. We staged a scenario of how the product works for the customer and filmed a video of that. That was a cool challenge! Besides that, we had some sessions on virtual reality.

So we really got to experience a lot of technology and play with its potential. I think it’s a super Interesting course even for people who aren’t interested in tech very much.

The 2nd part of the course - the other 2,5 weeks - focuses on the exhibition.

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How does the exhibition part look?

Basically, we had to use our new knowledge to build installations. We formed teams to work on different projects. I was a Project Manager in my team, so I handled tasks like programming lights. We were 4 people in my team. The process was pretty simple: first, we did some ideation and made a plan, then we just stuck with it until exhibition day. It was fun!

What was your biggest learning during the course?

For me, it was really the programming. The unique thinking process around programming and how it works was really interesting. And I also learned that hardware is more fun than I thought. You don’t need to be an engineer to create incredible stuff with either hardware or software.

What was the biggest challenge?

Again, programming. It takes time so you need to be patient, and in the process, it can really stress you out. To make things work you need to sit down and persevere. A great challenge but also a vital learning.

So, how did the exhibition go?

It was good, I was handling marketing and PR and was super busy with that. Personally, I think I’d like to focus more on one thing instead of trying to be everywhere next time.

But people were really impressed with what we made in only 2,5 weeks.

How does Exploring Tech compare to other courses at Hyper Island?

It’s a hard-skills based course. I wish we had more courses like this because we got real tools to build stuff from this course and hence it sparked a lot of interest. It’s a good alternative to the soft-skills focussed courses.

How do you feel about technology after this course?

Tech is incredibly important and society should take it more seriously. It’s important to get a basic understanding of how technology works (e.g. coding). I believe, it’s just as important as speaking English and I really think Hyper Island supports this and gives you the opportunity to explore technology in a great way.

Thanks for speaking to us, Josefin!