São Paulo, Brazil
Campaign New Fusca Campaign
Advertiser Volkswagen
Brand Das Auto
Business Sector Cars

Volkswagen do Brasil launches on February 25th, during the break of the soap opera “Salve Jorge”, in Rede Globo, the integrated campaign of Novo Fusca. Created by AlmapBBDO, it counts with two ads of 45”, where the audience is leaded to São Paulo in the 70’s, when Fusca was the sole compact car and the most famous car in Country. During this time travel, the audience is introduced to the 2013 model, the future car. The campaign comprises further, the press, digital media and distinguished and uncommon actions along the year.

For Brazilians, Fusca is more than a car, .It is an emotional property. It is the most famous, loved and charismatic model in Brazil. It has millions of fans, fans-clubs, and even a “national day”, on January 20th. Now it is back with its original qualities, on a fashion, aggressive, technological and sportive version.

In order to highlight this transformation, Volkswagen do Brasil gathers on its campaign many Brazilian icons from the past 40 years, backing to past to introduce the Novo Fusca novelty to the curious São Paulo citizens at the Viaduto do Chá, in São Paulo downtown. The commercial sound track is “País Tropical”, performed by its compositor, Jorge Ben Jor. As well as Fusca, the song remains among the favorite songs of the Brazilians, in addition to mention the car in its lyrics.

Among the fans who like a car with designs and technology completely unknown in the 70’s, is the former soccer player Rivellino and the comedienne Mussum in the scene recorded at that time. In face of so many contrasts, just one person seems to be as moderns as Novo Fusca: the TV show host Cazé Peçanha, a representative of Brazil in 21st century which explain to the character that are really impressed, what each item of the 2013 model means. The campaign slogan is “Novo Fusca. The car is back”.

In web, the wide campaign will count with the comedienne Mussum as character, making jokes with the technological items of Novo Fusca in the “dialect” created by him, where all words end with “is”. Dressed as a Volkswagen engineer, he shows the 2013 model novelty, highlighting in a funny manner the transformation of the most famous car in Brazil on one of the most modern, technological and innovative of Volkswagen. 

Media Type Television & Cinema

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